Spanish Wine – Just Do it

16 Apr

MenciaNew simple recipe. Wine recommendation from Spain. Berkliving stories. You be the judge. As Nike successfully campaigned, Just Do It. Skim this post or read it all.

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Seasonally Savvy – Gluten- Free Burgers & Golden Beet Salad

26 Sep



Embracing the fruits of the season and a gluten-free lifestyle… Beast of a burger on the grill and can’t beat this beet salad!

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Traditional Beauty – Campania’s Greatest

18 Sep


There are two very distinct ways that the world receives greatness. One is boastful and has a broad range of individuals acknowledging on the surface. The other stands with subtle humility with only a special few reacting and receiving true influence. I find myself at a ripe age of nearly 30 reflecting often on who I am and who I’d like to become. I recognize what products I bother consuming and what people I endeavor to engage daily. Continue reading


Do Love Donum – Sonoma Wine Tasting

14 Aug

donumA recent visit to Donum in Sonoma. Wines worth sipping regularly and people worth following. In love with California Pinot & Chardonnay. Continue reading

Keeping the Glass Half Full – Greek Chicken & Navarro Rosé

5 Aug

ImageRosé is like a smooth cup of coffee… the ritual of sipping with good company is just as enjoyable as the liquid inside the vessel. I own 13 unique designs of mugs. My husband thinks I have a coffee problem. Some might claim I’m a hoarder. I actually just like sitting down with a different memory every morning to slowly sip each cup and embrace the java. I’m often taken to a place or reminded of the person that gifted the device. I will often continue with my tranquility by switching to decaf and slow sip through the late morning. Wine in its many facets can serve the same purpose. Rosé in particular has an approachability that seeks companions, length of enjoyment, and desires a memory to be created. 

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