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My Love for the Rhone

22 Aug

One of the greatest wines experienced in my life… and with the love of my life. Experience rack of lamb with the Rhone Valley’s Chateauneuf du Pape and you’ll be as enamored as I was.

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Let the Grillo Sing – A Southern Food & Wine Pairing

13 Apr

Acting like a true Southerner

I‘ve been trucking through ‘Bama for a few weeks now on a temporary (hit the wine market/do what the Air Force says) assignment. I’ve bitten my tongue numerous times in order to avoid the improper English that spews from the mouths of these Southerners.  I will not become a “ya’ll” kind of gal! I did feel an immediate boost when a local gave me a pat on the back for “sopping” up the tomatoes and okra with cornbread. I may disagree with how they say this and that but I sure am impressed by their hospitality and food. If ever curious about where a decent wine market lies, follow the grub! 

This past week I experienced for the first time  a good ‘ol home cooked version of shrimp and grits (shrimp grit to a local). More of a chowder than a meal if you ask me, but regardless it was delightful! The Gulf provides these wondrous little treats from the sea. Truly, minimal intervention is needed to bring these guys back to life on your plate. The grits on the other hand… them boys need some serious cheese and cream to be singing. Yes I just typed that statement out. Quote un quote from a wine buyer last week, “this wine be singing!” That phrase was just too good and needed to be recycled immediately.

Now I know it seems odd to be thinking imported wine when pairing with one of America’s greatest staples, but honestly I have the perfect recommendation. Although as obscure as some of these Southern folk can be, the wine will be singing, dancing, two-stepping… you name it… all over your taste buds! Grillo from Sicily represents the name of the wine and the varietal that stands in the bottle. Similar in acidity and the citric component of Sauvignon Blanc, it will appeal to a large variety of consumers. On the other hand though, it actually gets better with a little bottle aging and has more complexity on the mid-palate. The balance in the wine will cut through the creaminess of the grits and complement the freshness of the fish. Your best bet is to purchase Di Giovanna’s Grillo. Completely organic!

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