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Cooking in Germany – Riesling & Salmon Date Night

27 Apr

IMG_0319‘We are not winemakers; we do not make wine. We simply prepare the environment for wine to come into being’. 

I read this quote recently in a book by a German wine importer. Terry Thiese thought it was worth noting and so do I. This Riesling grower has humbly admitted that he is at the mercy of his land. All that consumers appreciate about his wine has been credited to his soil. I love it. I am reminded that I don’t make food… I only prepare it. I am blessed with a generous variety of local meats and produce. I marry ingredients together that will hopefully come alive on your plate as they have in my home. See below for a quick and easy date night recipe that I recently concocted with all that I have embraced in Germany… Mosel Riesling and farmers markets! I couldn’t help but weave in a little story from our recent travels that helped inspire this post 🙂

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Sweet Meets Heat: Mahi Mahi with Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

5 Nov

A perfect Autumn meal.  Light and fresh fish combined with a side of comfort – mashed sweet potatoes. A contrast of sweet and spicy, all of this flavor in 30 minutes or less!

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