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Pumpkin Pie-aya (Paella)

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! Couldn’t resist a dish with pumpkin 🙂 Picture soon to follow.

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Feeling Spicy: Cajun Shrimp

20 Apr

hrow a mid-week party for your taste buds with this simple and flavorful meal. 

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Tortilla Soup

20 Dec

Keep visiting guests happy and healthy with this brothy soup. Lunch, dinner, or midnight snack… the flavors only get better with time!

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Gourmet at Home: Cuisine From India

7 Dec

Three recipes… a basic curry sauce, stuffed bell peppers, and a simple roasted butternut squash that are all inspired by the spices of India

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Paella Fiesta

26 Nov

A few tips and tricks to use Turkey Day leftovers and a spicy, poultry ommitted crowd pleasing dish for all of your guests this weekend.

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