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Seasonally Savvy – Gluten- Free Burgers & Golden Beet Salad

26 Sep



Embracing the fruits of the season and a gluten-free lifestyle… Beast of a burger on the grill and can’t beat this beet salad!

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My Love for the Rhone

22 Aug

One of the greatest wines experienced in my life… and with the love of my life. Experience rack of lamb with the Rhone Valley’s Chateauneuf du Pape and you’ll be as enamored as I was.

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Build Me Up Buttercup

10 Oct

Build up Autumn’s greatest gift with a rosemary infused sausage, couscous, and wild mushroom filling. I take roasted butternut squash to the next level with this recipe below…

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Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

18 Aug

Summer is about taking breaks for ourselves…. take a breather this week with this dish. Juicy pork tenderloin with seasonal plums and fresh mint. The jelly will crisp and caramelize the outer skin for a mouth watering bite. Four ingredients!

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Sizzling Summer Steak Suppers

16 Jul

Steak two ways… Ribeye: simply delicioso with minimal infusion of flavors. Flank: marinated overnight and infused with multiple spices. Become a grill master!

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